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DesArts provides you with an integrated simple solution to sell your art and design work online. We want to make it easy for you and to allow you to spend your time on your creative activities!


You can activate your online art and design gallery in a few clicks!

  • 1. Login to your personal Dashboard
  • 2. On your dashboard homepage, go to the Website Page Section, click on CREATE in Online Gallery.

Alternatively, you can create and edit a page directly via the page management interface:
  • 1. Login to your personal Dashboard and go to Settings/Pages
  • 2. Click on button + NEW

    Page Selection
  • 3. Select the online gallery or shop in ‘Select Page Layout’
  • 4. Give a name to the new page
  • 5. Set the filters (product, etc.) in the sidebar
  • 6. Activate partners and/or Subscribe etc.
  • 7. Click on publish

    Set Up shop

Your page is now visible on your website and you can start adding new design products or artworks for sale.
You will be able to accept payment for your work and products via PayPal. When a sale is successfully completed, DesArts’ commission is automatically deducted and the funds directly paid to your PayPal account, no matter from where the buyer pays.

As a user of PayPal, you also benefit from the simplicity and security offered by this payment provider. For example, buyers, and us at DesArts, cannot access your payment details – to find out more, please visit PayPal’s website by clicking here.

Payment via Gift Cards also provides an alternative payment solution for buyers and is transparent for you.
DesArts is designed to sell, promote and fund art and design work. You can sell your own work, vintage work, antiques and/or represent artists and/or designers. The following product categories are accepted on our platform:

  • Design products (e.g. furniture, home decor, textiles, etc.)
  • Fine art (e.g. painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)
  • Jewellery (e.g. rings, necklaces, watches, etc.)
  • Vintage (e.g. collectables, furniture, clothing, etc.)
  • Craft supplies (e.g. printmaking, drawing, etc.)

The full list of product categories can be found in the table below:
Category Product Sub-Sub-Product
Design Carpentry -
Design Electronics & Gadgets -
Design Light -
Design Textiles -
Design Furniture -
Design Stationery -
Design Culinary -
Design Collectables -
Design Home Decor -
Design Other -
Drawing & Illustration - -
Painting - -
Fine Art Photography - -
Other Fine Art Sculpture -
Other Fine Art Collage & Mixed Media -
Other Fine Art Printmaking -
Other Fine Art Decorative Arts -
Other Fine Art Mosaics -
Other Fine Art Conceptual Art -
Jewellery Bracelets -
Jewellery Necklaces -
Jewellery Watches -
Jewellery Earrings -
Jewellery Men -
Jewellery Rings -
Vintage Accessories -
Vintage Antiques -
Vintage Art -
Vintage Bags & Purses -
Vintage Books, Music & Media -
Vintage Clothing -
Vintage Jewellery -
Craft Supplies Jewellery making -
Craft Supplies Fine Art Architecture
Craft Supplies Fine Art Drawing & Illustration
Craft Supplies Fine Art Painting
Craft Supplies Fine Art Photography
Craft Supplies Fine Art Printmaking
Craft Supplies Fine Art Sculpture
Craft Supplies Fine Art Collage & Mixed Media
Craft Supplies Fine Art Decorative Arts
Craft Supplies Fine Art Mosaics
Craft Supplies Fine Art Conceptual Art
Craft Supplies Design Carpentry
Craft Supplies Design Electronics & Gadgets
Craft Supplies Design Light
Craft Supplies Design Textiles
Craft Supplies Design Furniture
Craft Supplies Design Stationery
Craft Supplies Design Culinary
Craft Supplies Design Collectables
Craft Supplies Design Home Decor
Craft Supplies Design Other
To better understand how you could price and sell your artwork, start by putting yourself in the shoes of an art collector. In 2012, the worldwide art market was estimated at a “mere” USD 61 billion; that makes a lot of available artwork to choose from. Art collectors are cost conscious, can choose among an almost unlimited supply of ‘unique’ pieces of art and know how to shop around, with a few exceptions. You can be sure they will compare your work, quality and price, with other artworks.

For already established artists, the key is to be consistent with recent selling prices. You need to also establish a track record, e.g. to create artwork on a recurring and consistent basis. Price and catalogue information is easily available for painter Gerhard Richter (check his website) or sculptor Damian Ortega; it is far more difficult to find this for most other artists and designers. So be ready to show evidence of your latest sales.

For emerging artists or artists with erratic sales track records, the only way is to position yourself in your market. The marketing plan I have been writing about over the past few weeks gives you the tools to help you in performing this analysis. By understanding where you stand compared to your peers, how much similar artworks are being sold for, who the buyers are and how they buy, you put yourself in a position to make an informed decision. You will materially increase the chance of selling your work. I would also suggest supporting your price with a short quantitative analysis, based on costs.
We designed the following tools to help you manage your online sales activities:
  • 1. ALERT - to let you know when a new sale took place, someone liked one of your blog posts, products or art/design work;
  • 2. INVENTORY management dashboard - to oversee your product for sale, incl. delivery, quantity price, characteristics, etc.;
  • 3. TRANSACTION RATING monitor - to help you to improve the quality of your services and products when selling your work online;
  • 4. SALES dashboard - to help you to follow orders received, interact with your customers and update the status of the order;
  • 5. ORDERS dashboard - to help you track your own purchases via DesArts, interact with the sellers and update the status of your purchases; and
  • 6. REFUNDS REQUEST dashboard - to help you request a refund when your purchase is not as expected.
The photograph is the 1st thing your fans will see of your artwork when visiting your website, online-shop, or social media page. The quality of the photo is going to raise the interest in your artwork or design product; likewise, poor quality would likely be a deterrent. It is all about managing the ‘1st impression’.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good pictures of your artwork. However there are a few basic rules you need to consider.

  • 1. Get ready
    •       a) Have a camera
    •       b) Get the product ready to be photographed
    •       c) Have a basic post-production/editing software at hand
  • 2. Think about composition and light
  • 3. Think about colour balance
  • 4. Take a crisp and sharp photo using a tripod
  • 5. Think about the best angle
  • 6. Correct the photo in post-production
DesArts' invoice includes your membership, purchase of ad-hoc services and fees deducted on completed sales. You will receive a monthly invoice presenting your activity during the period and amount due for the period - Click here to read more on our fees.
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